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Lunedì 18 novembre 2019 17:37:12

Dear Oprah, I'm Elena Aiani and I'm writing to you from Italy.
I'm 60 and I've had Parkinson's for 20 years, but it's all under control, I'm fine. But I've been fine since I started helping Parkinson's patients. Now I'll explain:
Last year I wrote a small collection of thoughts about my life with Parkinson's and I started organizing conferences to tell my experience with my inseparable friend Parkinson.
I did it especially for me because I was fired for my illness and at home I went crazy if I didn't do something.
I have always loved writing poetry and no one knew I had a book full of my poems. I thought... Elena, writing was your passion, try starting again... it was a success...
I have organized 3 conferences from March to July this year and all three conferences have been explosive... I have sold over 100 books. you Oprah you will think that there are only a few 100 books, but here in Italy I look at you very, very far back. I live in the north of Italy, I live in a small village between Piacenza and Cremona and it's called Monticelli di Ongina. I organized my conferences in Cremona and Piacenza-
The great satisfaction is that I have become a small point of reference for many Parkinsonians even on the internet. I'm writing to you because I'd like to talk to you that you are unique and inimitable... I have so many ideas to make many Parkinsonians live better, but my desire is to know what you think. I have been parkinson's for 20 years and with hard work on myself I managed to keep it under control thanks also to my super Doctor Neurologist Dr. Alessio Perretti and my exceptional psychotherapist Dr. Diletta Rapalli (Dr. Perretti and Dr. Rapalli are always with me in my lectures, they explain the illness, how come I still feel so good and answer any questions from the public)
Parkinson's is widening more and more especially among young people. The life of human beings has become longer, but neurodegenerative diseases now come first: many people begin to fall ill at 35 years old.
I would love to have an internet meeting with you, excuse intrusiveness, but I admire you too much for not asking you for an opinion on my future ideas.
a big hug
Elena Aiani

Domenica 4 marzo 2018 14:20:56

Oprah Winfrey, una donna che é riuscita a uscire dagli schemi di un'infanzia non vissuta come avrebbe dovuto essere. Donna forte con una visione della vita al di la di tutti i pregiudizi. Una donna che ha voluto emergere dal fango, come un fiore di loto.

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