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Martedì 27 luglio 2021 15:36:15

Hi Aria, my name is fabrizio and I live in Rome, I have always been a fan of yours, I have seen all your videos. I also follow your life which was not as easy at the beginning as for some. You have always been a woman with a capital A you have always managed yourself you did not want a person to manage your earnings, and this does you honor. What to say about you ! ! Ch I like you crazy in everything… 🥰🥰 The most serious thing we can do on this earth is to love, the rest does not count... In your eyes I seem to drown. You are as beautiful as the world. When you smile, the universe smiles I would love to meet you not for your notoriety but because I really like you... I hope you will answer me. Good day, Aria.. Aria

Domenica 30 agosto 2020 14:11:55

You don't have to believe this woman because she is fake, thief, manipulative, uses fake names and even forged documents. She makes believe she is in love with the person in contact with her, asks for money for her sick uncle, who will then reimburse you as soon as he inherits the mine from his recently deceased father. He promises you that he wants to live with you and that you will have all the millions in the mine. All fake, just cheating while you send her money. I experienced this and put back a lot of money. All people who collaborate with her have false identities, false government documents and more. He only deserves jail time with everyone else for aggravated fraud, extortion, falsification of state and personal documents, money laundering, and more. If such a thing has happened to you, immediately file a complaint in the country where he says he lives, I will send all my documentation to send everyone to prison.

Mercoledì 19 agosto 2020 16:52:49

Meravigliosa, da ammirare x la sua indipendendenza

Venerdì 26 luglio 2019 10:12:45

Good day my name is Albino Monaco and I am Italian I am 53 years old, I wanted you to be able to read this message which for me is very important and if you can answer me please.
They used your images to deceive me and seduce me into a Chat (Hangaut) they robbed me of around 3000 euros using your images and I thought I was talking to you, but there was nothing true, but in the end I fell madly in love with you and I no longer have peace in my heart, forgive me yes I say all this you don't know me and maybe you don't care about me but I can't find peace anymore because I thought I could love you and be loved by you but I made myself I realize that it was all a scam, forgive me only know that I love you and I need to let you know and I look forward to your reply, please, I beg you to answer me.
Hello from your lover Albino

Venerdì 3 maggio 2019 22:34:23

Conosco tutti i suoi filmati e tutte le sue singole foto. La ritengo veramente meravigliosa ed è sicuramente una donna da sposare. Soddisferà sicuramente il suo uomo ed io ne sono innamorato.

Venerdì 24 agosto 2018 20:56:35

My darling Aria,
I have been in love with you since a long time ago when you sent me your photo with kisses attached.
I have a strong wish to meet you and hold you tight in my arms, fully dressed or even better as I see you in your photos... I really LOVE you my darling... I wish you could come to Athens, Greece and I would be your guide around the city and the countryside... May God help my wish come true...Somehow - nothing is impossible if you put your heart in it !!!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY BODY AND HEART...PLEASE SEND ME AN e-mail and make my wishes come true...

Sabato 2 giugno 2018 18:23:22

Favolosa, fantastica e bellissima donna.

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