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Lunedì 27 giugno 2011 15:36:41

hello George some people knows that you are in Italy because of me knows that you do the films for me that you had a story with someone for a my past meeting what's happening I think that you are an actor I never thougt about a story with an actor because I think that you need a beautiful woman it's necessary for you and your job. I 'm not beautiful even if i AM FAMOUS IN ALL OVER THE WORLD if there is a problem I would like to know what kind of problem it's because people knows that you are following me please stop it. whAT'S THE PROBLEM? people wants aswers

Domenica 27 febbraio 2011 11:12:32

i think you are a best actor in the world . You are fanny , you are the man that every woman likes. I love you so much but : some critics: your hairs, your face and your partner is very pretty. Good luck in your job,in your life and with elisabetta, your best partner . I love you so much

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