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Venerdì 12 aprile 2019 01:24:57

Thanks for your wonderful music. Bohemian Rapsody mouve is a very big work of memory about our life, in the '70 and '80 years. I'm a teacher in a secondary school, I live in Sicily island, in the South Italy.. my students and I, we are studing the Queen band. they are so youg (16 years old).. but they love Queen music so much.. i love to give the memories to the new generation.
freddie Mercury was a very big frontman and artist Singer, actor, dancing man.. but the Brian May's guitar is magnific! wonderful John Deacon and the pecussionist Roger Taylor, all you have made school by the music, to the all generation, since 1970 to today.
The music is not the only one think i love you.. but science is very important too: i m talking sbout your important tribute to the astrophisic studies about meteorites. we have passion of astronomy: we are building an astronomic osservatorium, on the school roof. my friends and I, we love music and Astronomy so much. we are members of the Astronomic Society of Palermo City (S. A. P.)
Dear Brian, you are a beautiful person (like the Queen member), i say you tank you for all that you have give us by your art and your science.. best wishes
many greetings.
p. s. sorry for my bad english..

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