Court trying the 21-year-old Russian boy

Messaggio per Volodymyr Zelensky

Martedì 24 maggio 2022 16:34:55
Dear Zelensky,
Please you personally intercede in the court that is trying the 21-year-old Russian boy who killed a Ukrainian civilian! Have the sentence carried over from "life imprisonment" to
5 years in prison. This is the humanly just punishment he deserves!

How does a young man of 21, in a war, decide in a few seconds not to obey an order from his commander? How can you decide if it is right or wrong?
The boy should not be sentenced to "life imprisonment", but to 5 years in prison!

Think of the media impact that your generous gesture can have towards the whole world! Millions of fathers and mothers have a 21-year-old son! They will admire your generosity and justice and will be even more friends of yours and of the people Ukrainian!
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